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Comics, 1 - 20

1: Legend of Dorado
2: Ted and Randall
3: Dude, guitars suck
4: The Scent of a Woman
6: the Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died.
7: Randall's hat
8: hello Store Owner
9: Pauly Shore
10: High flying discipline
11: Everyone knows the Bird is the Word
12: Jesus Built my Hotrod
13: WTF-9000
14: Your Fish Suck, Sir
15: Roast Beef Kazenzakis
16: the trip begins
17: chocolate-covered vagina bologna sandwich

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Comics, 21-40

28: Paint Hell
29: Neomaxizoom Tweebie
30: How'd We Get Here?
31: Amsterdam
32: Where is Vasquez?
33: Young in Body...
34: Evil at Heart
35: End sworn by 3
36: Laugh at Thy Neighbor, Pretend you're the Same
37: When the World Forgets You
38: That Boy Needs Therapy
39: broken day
40: Falling to Pieces

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Comics, 41 - 60

41: Disco City
42 (ALT): (untitled)
43: (*Untitled) Enlightenment, Sucker!

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Special Edition comics

Special issue 1: Mallows
Special issue 2: Oh god I hate school
Special issue 3: Skeeter! HONK HONK!
Special issue 4: the Feds!!!
Special issue 5: Good Morning, South Jersey
Special issue 6: Dunkin DOGNUTS?! WTF?
Special issue 7: Computer Competence Fail

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